We have been licensing our music for a variety of projects, from compilation CDs to TV commercials, background music for various DVDs, television, movies and more.


To submit a request, please email to info@malimba.com with the information listed below. 
We look forward hearing from you!

    •    Your name, company name, address, telephone number    
    •    Your project name
    •    Detailed description of project, including budget information
    •    Our CD title(s) you wish to license
    •    Artist(s) whose music you wish to license
    •    Track name(s) you wish to license
    •    Length of the music section where the music will be used
    •    Units to be produced
    •    Distribution countries/territories
    •    Length of contract

Malimba Records • Hawaii • Los Angeles • Ashland • USA • 800 334 1179 • info@malimba.com or music@malimba.com