Music for Massage by Malimba Artists • MB 4712
Nadama, Shastro, Nandin, Palash, Raphael & Shakya

Music to relax, unwind, expand
This compilation is specifically tailored to create a relaxed yet uplifting atmosphere. Soothing melodies are supported by gentle rhythms that help maintain a balanced energy level during the one hour playing time. Ideal to use when giving or receiving a massage or just when soaking in a relaxing hot bath.

Track listing
1. Fly High • Nadama  7:31
2.Swedish Meadow • Palash  4:55
3. Mysterious Love • Raphael & Shakya  7:24
4. Visions of Shambala (excerpt) • Shastro  7:39
5. To the Stars • Nadama  7:25

6. Blissful Shore • Raphael & Shakya 6:29
7. Being Here (excerpt) • Shastro  7:53
8. Earth and Water • Nandin  9:26

Tot. time 60 mins
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Music for Meditation by Malimba Artists • MB 0011

Featuring: Chinmaya Dunster, Mandala, Nadama, Nandin, Raphael, Shakya, Sandeep, Shastro

The first release on Malimba Records in the Wellness Series is a meticulously curated one and half hour compilation of some of the most peaceful tracks the label has released in recent years. It has been compiled to create more than one and half hours of music particularly suited for meditation, contemplation, healing work, restorative yoga and any activity that requires a deep, introspective mood.

Track listing
1. Morning Grace  6:08
2. Relaxing on The Mountain  7:24
3. Raga Jhinjhoti (excerpt)  8:14
4. Quiet Night  6:07
5. The Call of The Goddess  12:47
6. Unison  7:43
7. Meditation 14:13
8. The Union of Sun and Moon  7:00
9. Zen Garden  5:08
10. Distant Clouds  6:58
11. Spirit of Reiki  10:02

Total time 92 mins

Spa Suite by Malimba Artists • MB2812

Enter our suite of sound to complement your spa experience or simply to wind down at the end of the day. Relax into soothing selections from 4 of Malimba's fine recording artists. Eleven tranquil and touching pieces make this CD a healing sanctuary
for your Well-Being.

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Yoga World by Malimba artists • MB2512

The music of Yoga World was compiled by Canadian Yoga instructor Kate Potter, in collaboration with Malimba Records and its family of talented world music composers, including Shastro, Akasha, Nadama, Bhakti and Palash.
From the spine warm-up to the standing posture, to the final deep relaxation state, this compilation provides you with over one hour of music for your own personal yoga practice and will support you in creating a flowing and balanced yoga experience.

In this album you will find a unique variety of music and sounds - an inspiring collection of exotic instrumentals featuring bamboo flute, guitar, dilruba, sarod, piano, clarinet, Indian violin, and soft Eastern chants.

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Sacred World by Various artists • MB9012

2002 COVR Visionary Awards:
Best CD of the Year WINNER

2002 COVR Visionary Awards:
Best World Influence Music WINNER

5th New Age Voice Music Awards:
Best Compilation Album WINNER

One of our best seller, this is a compilation of some of the most talented recording artists of the last decade, including Deva Premal, Anugama, Shastro, Karunesh, Golana' and Prem Joshua. World flavors from India to Native America - a unique and evocative journey ...

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Music for Massage

Malimba Records sits at the top with the elite New Age music labels so it's no surprise that a themed-compilation from them centered round massage music would be impressive. However, not content to paint by the numbers, here the songs are not just relaxing soundscapes. Subtle but still perceptible rhythms are incorporated at times, the goal being (per liner notes) "Soothing melodies…supported by gentle rhythms that help maintain a balanced energy level during the one hour playing time." Even if customers own the entire Malimba Records library, this is still a worthy addition as the sequencing and selection of tracks (and their subtle variety) is excellent.  - Bill Binkelman for Retailing Insight magazine

When you get a massage, you want the atmosphere to be perfect. And part of that perfection involves music, since the right soundtrack can add to the feelings of relaxation and bliss that you get from a massage. Malimba Records taps into that ideal with MUSIC FOR MASSAGE, which features a collection of laid-back musical confections designed to give your massage session a dose of tranquility. All of the songs have a light, breezy style that focuses on soft instrumentation. Nadama's contributions highlight piano with some flute and light synths as accent. Shastro's music utilizes guitar to great effect, creating a warm, soothing sound. Other artists featured include: Nandin, Palash and Raphael & Shakya. Play this collection anytime you want to create an atmosphere that is gentle and serene, including during relaxation time and meditation.  - Music Design In Review

Spa Suite

The four artists have contributed pieces that are tranquil, reflective, and really very beautiful. This is a great CD for all kinds of therapists. I like the acoustic sounds of the piano and guitar, filled in tastefully with synthesizers in just the right amount and in the right places. At an hour and 16 minutes long, this could be perfect for a romantic dinner or a soothing bath. A percentage of the proceeds from sales is donated to help protect the environment. I highly recommend this CD. - New Age Retailer (music reviews by Anne Williams)

You don't need to leave the house to have the ultimate Spa experience! SPA SUITE, a collection of music from some of the tranquilly minded artists at Malimba Records, was designed to provide a soundtrack for your own private treatment... anything from a dip in a warm, refreshing bath to lounging on the couch and reading your favorite book- as long as the activity involves relaxation and a bit of pampering. - Music Design In Review

I bought this CD to play in my herb shop. I just put it in the CD player and hit "repeat" and honestly, I play it all day without growing tired of hearing it. It's calming, pleasant music, great for background music while customers are in the store. Several of my customers have asked me if I had this particular CD for sale, because they wanted to buy it. I can't praise it highly enough. Great relaxing CD, whether you're working or meditating. - Puterdame on

Sacred World

The generous 70-plus minutes of music invite listeners to an exotic land where the sacred is everywhere....
Excellent for yoga, massage, or inner work, the music on Sacred World serves to connect the head and the heart in a way that promotes inner healing. Sacred world is peacefully delicious and sensuosly divine.
- New Age Retailer

Sacred World combines the reverence these artists bring to their music, each contributors spiritual background, and the music's incredible ability to affect our world in a positive way ... Each song is a gem, each musician glistens; together, they form a precious, multifaceted diamond. - NAPRA ReView

Sacred World is an intoxicating blend of spiritual music styles propagated from different cultures around the world. The compilation features eleven pieces of pure enlightenment from some of new age music's most illustrious performers ... This unique and evocative journey has it all - slow grooves, ambient and world elements, tribal rhythms and vocals ... this collection of musical gems is one you won't want to miss! - Music Design In Review

Sacred World is truly fabulous! I've been buying yoga music for years and this is truly the best cd I've heard. - Catherine Rodgers Yoga: Little Rock, AZ

Sacred World is an instant favorite! Wonderful for yoga and easy listening. Creates a healing sacred environment. - The Kryha Center: Yoga and Healing Arts, Petaluma, CA

This is one of my favorite albums with some of my favorite artists. I just can't say enough good about this music. If you want to get a sampling of some of the best World music out there done by the best artists, I highly recommend this CD. - Richard Maynard on

Yoga World

Very nice compilation, leads to a great yoga class! Relaxing, but with some pep, this CD leads to introspection and inspiration. I listen to this all the time. - Akanani on


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