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 Shangri-La • Shastro


This new single comprises of two tracks, the first one Inspired by the search and the second one by the discovery of the legendary Shangri-La. The first one is the "alap" - or non-rhythmic introduction - to the second one.

Through the years Shangri-La has become synonymous with an earthly paradise where people lived in union and harmony with themselves and each other.  

We feel that Shangri-La does indeed exist but the road to get there goes through our inner being.Therefore it can only be found by entering our inner shrine. This music is dedicated to that intimate journey.

Tot. time: 13:35

Shastro plays: Spanish guitar, bansuri flute, dilruba, frame drum, clay pots, vocals, hand percussions, ambient sounds.

Shangri-La (WAV 24 bits)

Shangri-La (WAV 24 bits)

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For our audiophile friends: this download is the uncompressed WAV file in 24 bits - which is higher than the CD quality - of the two tracks that comprise this single. It comes with hi-res front cover art.

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